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Want to uplevel your life by living your Human design?
Trying to understand your chart and getting no-where fast?
Let me help....
Want to uplevel your life by living your Human design?
Trying to understand your chart and getting no-where fast?
Let me help....
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I was in your position not so long ago....

I couldn’t make any sense of my human design chart. 
I even bought myself the official “Definitive book of human design”  but I still didn’t understand!
Totally frustrated and dissapointed with my progress I finally got a reading, and I LOVED it BUT I wanted to know more…. 
My reading was perfect for where I was at at the time but in hindsight, it was very very basic.
I came away from it, knowing there was still so much more I wanted to understand regarding my chart. 

I went back to studying and ultimately I did learn how to read a human design chart and I was able to take my understanding of my chart to a whole new level.

I now offer readings that include everything I would have loved to know AND I lay it out in a way that allows you to understand what in your chart is telling me this. 

 A reading with me will be something you revisit over and over again as you integrate on deeper and deeper levels. 

If you want a nuts and bolts break down of the info within your chart, this is the answer you're looking for.

You Get Your Human design Reading + The following Bonuses!

These will help you in integrating and living your design on deeper and deeper levels. 

human design readings
how to read human design chart
how to read human design chart
The outline of your reading:

I lay out these readings in a written PDF document.

I do this for several reasons.

1. You can easily dip in and out of your chart on an ongoing basis

(Human Design Deconditioning is a lifelong process and you're going to want to revisit this info over and over. This is much easier when it's in written format).

2. I can include comprehensive Detail

The amount of detail I go into, in your chart is way too much for a 45 minute verbal reading.

3. It allows me to offer Amazing Value Pricing

I can put these readings together in my own time from wherever I choose to work from, no scheduling, in my PJs if I want to, total flexibility! This works for me and so I offer a competitive price because this is how I most like to work. (If you prefer a face to face Zoom reading, I do offer this as an upgrade on top of the PDF reading)

This is perfect for you if:
You’ve  never had a reading —  I’ll lay out which bits to pay the most attention to for starters. 
You’ve already had your chart read or managed to figure out some things on  your own but you’re looking to go deeper — you’ll find all the most basic info AND explanations of the ways in which different elements in your chart interact and what this means for your life. 
human design readings

Here's what I cover in a Reading:

  • Your Type, Strategy & Authority (Navigate the world correctly in alignment with your highest good)
  • Your Profile (How you’re designed to function on a daily basis)
  • Your Defined Centres, Channels and Gates + BONUS Gene Keys Guide (Helps you to optimise the energies in your design!)
  • Your Not-Self Vulnerabilities + BONUS Questions Guide (Helps you figure out which not-self theme you’ve fallen into)
  • Your Signature and your Not-Self Theme (Your shortcuts to alignment!)
  • Your Incarnation Cross
    (Why you’re here!!!)
  • Your Variables (The arrows at the top of your chart — How you’re designed to thrive)
  • Your Definition (Single/Split/Triple/Quad — How you relate to others and to the world)
  • How the planets align with your energies and the implications for your life:
    – Your essence (Who you are at your core)
    – What grounds you (Tap into this for healing and recharging)
    – Your past and future (What to lean into and what to lean on)
    – What motivates you (Tap into your true source of motivation in life)
    – What you’re here to share and educate others around (Your topics of Influence!)
    – What you value (Truly)
    – Your opportunity for growth (This one is fun!)
    – How to receive your blessings (Your fast-track to being rewarded by the Universe)
    – Your challenge (Awareness + Strategy = Relief)
    – Your uniqueness (What stands out about you)
    – Your spiritual work (Access your higher self)
    – Your truth (Own this and it will set you free)
Human Design Chart Reading

Understanding your human design can change your life.  Invest in Yourself and gain clarity and direction. 

Purchase your Reading

You will be sent a welcome email requesting your birth details.

Submit your Birth Details

Upon receiving your birth details I will generate your chart and start my analysis.

Prepare to be Amazed!

Within 10 business days I will send your completed reading through in PDF format. I am confident it will blow your mind!

Money Back Gaurantee
I offer a No Questions asked 10 day Money Back Guarantee.
Once you receive your reading in PDF format, you have 10 days to look over it.
If you’re not happy with it, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. 


When you Invest in your Human Design Reading

You Get:

  • A Comprehensive Written Human Design Reading mapped to your chart so you understand what your chart says and WHERE it says it
  • UNLIMITED Follow-up Q & A via email
  • 2 BONUS GUIDES that will help you to integrate and optimize your design on ever deeper levels
  • 10 Day No Questions asked Money Back Gaurantee


If you choose to upgrade to a face to face (Zoom) consultation you will receive

  • Everything Mentioned above
  • 45-60 minute face to face zoom session where we deep dive into whatever is most relevant to you.
  • 30 minute post reading Q&A via Zoom for any questions once you’ve started integrating
human design readings
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