Human Design Profile 5/2 —Heretic Hermit

You are innately talented and the time will come, if it hasn’t already, when you feel internally called to step up and champion a cause with your natural capabilities. You may consider these innate talents nothing special because they are something that has always been there for you, but others see how valuable they and you are to the wider collective. Your Conscious line 5 leads others to project  their expectations onto you as someone who can help them. Your subconscious line 2 is drives you to focus on your own innate talents and interests irrespective of the observations and expectations of others. 

It can be scary to step up and ask that people believe in you but if you’re following your strategy and authority and this is the right opportunity for you, you are fully equipped to succeed and create massive impact. It is also likely that as you champion this cause, you will find yourself supported materially. 

Do not step up for things that are not correct for you according to your S & A, you are not equipped to handle all situations and if you step up to one that you are not a match for and then fail to deliver, you are likely to cop backlash and your reputation will suffer.  Say yes only you know it’s right for you to do so. If you have said yes to the wrong calls in the past which have then led to failure you may have developed disempowering beliefs about your capabilities. You ARE very capable and you’re here to make a difference, it’s just imperative that you let your S & A guide you to where you’re supposed to step up, and where you’re not. 

Alone time is really healthy for you, it gives you a change to recharge and hone your talents. You do not initiate in relationships, even though subconsciously you attract others to you. Once someone is in your vicinity, it is on them to reach out to you.

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