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Human Design Profile 6/2 Role Model Hermit

You are wise beyond your years. You’re here to be an example of how to live your own truth, irrespective of external pressures. In your first 30 years you will learn through a lot of trial and error and this may knock you around a bit. From 30 onwards, you start to learn through observation of the world rather that direct engagement. You sit back, allow life to play out and give yourself a chance to enjoy life and give yourself a chance to integrate all that you learned in your first 30 years as well as what you are continuing to learn through observation. From around 50 onwards, you will feel called to stop simply observing and to re-engage with life but this time it will not be through trial and error but through sharing the wisdom you have gained in all your previous years. You will be an example even if you do not actively aim to engage or influence others. Others will learn from you, simply by observing how you live your life.

Consciously you see life through the lens of the glass being half full but subconsciously you also perceive the undercurrent of a society where the glass is half empty. You find it easier to detach from things than others, with a natural ability from the age of 30 onwards to observe things from a higher, more birds eye viewpoint than what is accessible to many others. This is a gift and a valuable asset and it’s important to realise that not everyone has this as it can be frustrating for you when you wonder why others can’t see what is very obvious to you. 

You are not here to put out lots of spot fires, you are here for a more specific specialized calling. Don’t try and find this calling, for you it doesn’t work like that, it’s something that will be noticed within you by others and they will bring it to your attention. You must protect your innate gifts, allow them to flourish so they’re ready for when they’re required in the world. Allow your strategy and authority to guide you in terms of who to listen to and which calling/s to take on.

Others turn to you for advice, your advice is credible and you are here to show people how to trust themselves and live their own authentic truth. Live your own truth but do not attempt to convert others away from theirs, you influence through example not coercion. For you to be at peace you need to allow yourself to live without an agenda or a need to prove yourself.

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