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Human Design Profile 6/3 — Role Model Martyr

You are a symbol for transition and change and this will be particularly intense for you in your first 30 years of life. Life may be rocky for you but you will gain huge wisdom through your life experiences and will ultimately become an influential role model, showing others what it means to live your truth. You literally learn via trial and error and because this is your process, you are going to experience a lot of outcomes that society might deem as mistakes or failures. They are not mistakes or failures they are feedback and another step along your life’s journey of collecting the wisdom that you will ultimately demonstrate to others. If you consider them failures you may come to view life as a glass half full so it’s important to acknowledge that this is literally how you learn and collect wisdom.

From around age 30 – 50 you will still unconsciously seek to engage directly with life, entering into trial and error experiences whilst consciously you will prefer to hold back and observe the world, learning new lessons from a distance. These two preferences, engaging directly vs observing from a distance will tousle for priority and you will find yourself switching between the two. Thankfully you are naturally tough and you can trust your authority and strategy to guide you to those experiences which are correct for you
From around 50 years old you will continue to unconsciously seek trial and error experiences whilst consciously you will move from observing from a distance to engaging with the world and sharing your wisdom.

You always aim for objectivity in your dealings with the world and you have an internal sense of where you’re personally headed. Relationships are important for you however you have tendency to need to pull away at times and then re-engage later. Relationships that can sustain this will be most supportive to you. 
Ultimately you are here to show people what it looks like to trust your own authority above all else and live an authentic life.

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