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Human Design Readings

So you’re thinking about getting a human design reading… 


I’m so excited for you!!

Understanding your design gives you freedom to drop the many many assumptions you have no doubt unconsciously accepted on your journey through life so far, about who you are and are not, and who you “should” and “shouldn’t” be…
This is the thing I have loved most about discovering Human Design…. It has really shown me so many places where I had unknowingly accepted that things are/should be a certain way… and this is simply not the case…

Understanding your design will give you permission to let go, to shine,to embrace your innate strengths and to release all the perceived limitations you so tightly hold onto.

If you’ve decided to move ahead with getting a human design reading, you have a plethora of human design readers and offerings to choose from, it can be overwhelming, so how do you decide?

Follow your strategy and authority of course!

As a human design reader it would be remiss of me not to mention this as your very best way of finding someone to interpret your human design chart.
If you’ve already started to dive a little into human design you’ve no doubt come across the concepts of human design strategy and inner authority.

Each of us is designed to respond to life in a certain way and when we do we’re guided to those things that are most optimal for us, and away from those that are not.

If you’re already familiar with your strategy and authority, you would be wise to allow them to guide you in discovering a human design reading, reader or offering that is most appropriate for you at this time.

In-case you’re not familiar with the concepts of strategy and authority, I’ll outline them below.

If you’re not sure what your Strategy and authority are, you can generate yourself a free human design chart (bodygraph) over at

Your Human Design Strategy:

Your strategy is the way you are designed to navigate life with the least resistance and most success, delight, peace and satisfaction. 

There are four Human Design Strategies.

In a nutshell they are:

Wait to Respond

You have a strong aura that pulls people, things and opportunities towards you. You don’t need to make things happen, you get to allow things to happen. Your job is not to try and force things into being but instead to respond to things in your environment. Shortly we’ll cover your authority which is how you know whether something that you’re responding to is right for you or not but for now just know that you’re not designed to randomly decide that you want something and then go after it and make it happen manifestor style. You are designed for something to trigger you into response — Things like a job opportunity, an advertisement, seeing someone you know walking down the street, having a book on a bookstore shelf catch your eye, are all things that are putting you in a position to respond …. and then you use your authority to decide if this is something that’s right for you that you want to pursue further. You need to trust your aura to draw in opportunities that are right for you.

Wait for Recognition and an Invitation

Your special strategy for navigating the world is to wait for recognition and an invitation from other people before offering your advice or services. At an auric level, people will know you have something to offer and if the timing is right and they want your guidance they will acknowledge that they see your value and invite you to contribute. You have so much value to offer people but If you jump in without an invitation your guidance may be misinterpreted or ignored and this can lead to you feeling bitter. This strategy of waiting for the invitation applies to the big decisions in life, things like who to enter into a relationship with, what kind of work to do, which company to work for, which house to buy etc Following your strategy and allowing others to approach you is always going to be the most streamlined experience for you but you don’t need to wait for an invitation for the little things like buying a certain food for lunch or choosing a pair of jeans. When it comes to the little things, just go with what feels right to you. The more impactful the decision will be on your life the more important it is to wait for the invitation to be extended your way.

To Initiate

Your strategy is “to initiate and inform”. You are designed to decide you want something and to pro-actively go out and get it started. Your aura is closed and repelling, you’re not open to being influenced or stopped by others. When you decide you want something you go for it.You are an amazing visionary who has the tools to jump start your vision. What will really help you to go through life more smoothly is to simply inform others of your intentions. You do not need to ask for permission but in informing others of your intentions you will remove resistance at an auric level that might otherwise cause problems.

Receive an invitation or opportunity and then wait a Lunar Cycle

Your strategy is to connect to the lunar cycle, which is the moon’s 28 day cycle, or roughly a months time. You reflect the state of health of others and your community back out into the world. The analogy that’s often used is that you’re like a canary in the coal mine. If you’re doing well, it’s a sign that your community is doing well. If you’re not doing well, your community has things it needs to change. The most important thing you can do is simply be yourself, truly yourself, and not who you think you should be according to society. When you’re able to live genuinely as yourself, your fulfilling your role as a mirror for the world around you.  This is of course easier said than done. When it comes to big decisions in your life, you need to be initiated. You need to receive an invitation or an opportunity to which you can respond. The way you respond is to wait a full cycle of the moon, the 28 days, and during this time, speak with others, not to get their advice, but to gain your own clarity as you talk things through. This strategy could be a difficult one to honour in world that wants answers immediately but it is essential if you want to make decisions that are truly correct for you. 

Inner Authority 

Coupled with our strategy is our inner authority, our way of making correct decisions.  

In human design our minds are considered powerful tools for comprehension, analysis, and as sources of wisdom for other people. They are not however, considered a good place to make decisions from. Using our minds to navigate life served humanity well for a very long time but our evolution has provided us with a more powerful way of choosing those things that are best for us, and that is our authority.  

The problem with making decisions from your mind is that your mind has taken on a lot of information about who you should and shouldn’t be, how you should and shouldn’t behave, and when we make choices from the mind, we’re at the mercy of deep deep societal conditioning.  

When we make decisions from our inner authority, we choose what is truly  best for us and the collective, without the pressure of our conditioning getting in the way. 

There are seven Human Design Inner Authorities

Solar Plexus/Emotional Authority

You have emotional authority, also referred to as solar plexus authority.

As someone with emotional authority you live your life on emotional waves. You’re always somewhere on an emotional wave. If you’re up the top of a wave you might feel amazing, if you’re down the bottom you might feel awful and if you’re just in the middle you’ll feel fairly neutral. You are not designed to make decisions spontaneously in the moment because wherever you are that point in time on your emotional wave will strongly influence your decision in that moment. If you’re presented with an opportunity and you’re feeling amazing and optimistic, you might say “Yes! Definitely let’s do it!” only to come down to a more natural place and realise you have far too much on your plate already. Likewise, if you’re feeling really low and you’re presented with an opportunity, you may decline it, only to rise up on your wave a little while later and regret having turned that opportunity down. Rather than making decisions at low or high points on the way, it is best to wait and give yourself time to process and reach clarity. By waiting, you can consider the decision or opportunity at multiple points along the wave and come to a more well-rounded decision on what is ultimately best for you.

Sacral Authority

You have sacral authority because you have a defined sacral centre and you do not have a defined solar plexus. You are designed to make decisions spontaneously in the moment. According to the knowledge downloaded by Ra Ura Hu, if you have sacral authority your sacral motor generates an “uh hu” sound if something is a yes for you. and an uhn uhn sound if it’s a no. In order for your sacral authority to be able to respond, you need to wait for opportunities to present themselves (as mentioned in your strategy). Ra Ura Hu was told these sounds come naturally to children with sacral authority but that they’re then taught to prioritise responding with words rather than innate sounds so it may take some time and practice to re-connect with these sounds.

Some people with sacral authority in the human design community talk about making sounds, but not the traditional uh huh or uhn uhn. You may have a standard sound that means yes and a standard sound that means no but it’s specific to you rather than the traditional uh huh or uhn uhn. 

Others in the community talk about having a physical response where their body actually moves towards things they like and away from things they don’t like.  For example, maybe your stomach twists up and that’s a no for you.

Still others experience their sacral response as a gut feeling where they “just know” whether to move forward with something, or not. 

If in doubt, where possible, just wait….. don’t move forward…. 

A lack of response is a no. 

You will know when your body wants you to say yes to something. 

At the end of the day, as someone with sacral authority, there is something you do naturally that’s an indication if something is right for you or not and through self-observation, and/or perhaps asking those closest to you, you can figure out what it is.

Splenic Authority

Splenic authority is all about intuition. It’s about an inner knowing regarding what’s best in any given situation. Splenic authority happens instantaneously in response to everything that’s going on around us, much of which we don’t even register consciously. It is a soft still voice that unfortunately can be easily drowned out by societal conditioning and  the needs and requests of others. It will only speak to you once in any given set of circumstances and it’s easy to miss. Operating according to splenic authority or intution is very different from how most of us have grown up and been taught to make our decisions. It takes experimentation and surrender to trust your inner guidance system and it’s something you will get better at over time as you see that it’s reliable and wise far beyond your conscious mind.

Keep in mind that human design readings come in several different formats and offerings. Some readings are delivered face to face, some are verbally recorded and some are presented in written format. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Face to face readings may be more personalised but you may forget important details when so much info is delivered all at once, and they can be quite pricey. Verbally recorded readings have the advantage of you being able to revisit them over and over and they tend to be available at a lower price point than those delivered face to face.

Written readings also allow you to go back time and time again and lay everything out in an easy to access format, these also tend to be available at a lower price point.

Heart / Ego Centre Manifested Authority

Your authority is the truth that comes out of your mouth when you speak but only if you speak without trying to control what you say through your mind. It’s the things you just blurt out, without thought. You need to talk things out with people, not because you need their advice, but because you need to hear what comes out of your own mouth when you’re not pre-planning it. Be careful who you speak to as you’re’ doing this to hear yourself, not be influenced by others. This is your truth. This is what you should listen to in navigating your life. 

Self-Projected Authority

With self-projected authority you often just know things, you may not know how you know but you do and this knowing is something you can learn to trust with time and experience. 

It can help you to figure out what you know in the same as those who have Heart/Ego Manifested authority, that is by talking it out with others not because you want their advice but because you want to hear what you’re saying when you’re talking without pre-planning what you’re going to say.  Be careful who you choose to speak with as you’re looking for a chance to hear your own truths, not a chance to be influenced and persuaded by others. 

Environment (Sounding  Board) Authority

Environmental authority requires you to notice how you feel about the physical environment you’re in. Based on how you feel in that moment about that environment, any invitations presented to you will be correct/incorrect for you based on how you feel about the environment itself. If you feel really great in the environment then the people you meet in that environment and the invitations presented will be correct for you. If at the time you feel unsure, low or negative about that environment then the people and the opportunity are not right for you. Note this is an inner feeling, not a mind-based judgment about the environment. Note also, that the same physical place may result in you feeling different ways at different times.It’s how you feel about the environment you’re in at the time the invitation is made. How you feel about your environment is your strongest indication of what is and isn’t correct for you however you can also try talking things through in order to hear your inner truth come out about a decision. Note you are talking to hear your own thoughts and truth come through, not to get advice from others.

Lunar Cycle Authority

Similar to Environmental authority, lunar authority is based on how you feel in a given environment and on speaking to multiple people regarding your decision, not for their advice but in order to hear your own inner truth. The difference between environmental and lunar authority is that lunar authority does not aim for clarity in the moment based off of what is said in one discussion, instead the reflector needs to have many conversations across the course of the lunar cycle (one month) until eventually they receive an inner clarity regarding what is right for them. By waiting a month, you’re able to evaluate your decision with the aid of each of the 64 gates as they’re transited as part of the Moon’s 28 day cycle.

At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is following your strategy and authority…

If you do that, you can’t go wrong!

Ready for that reading….

I invite you to consider receiving a Comprehensive Human Design Reading through our site!

I truly believe you won’t find a better value human design reading offering ANYWHERE else on the internet…. BUT again…. Your strategy and authority are your best guide in whether or not this is right for you.

In our readings we cover the following:

  • Your Type, Strategy & Authority (Navigate the world correctly in alignment with your highest good).
  • Your Profile (How you’re designed to function on a daily basis)
  • Your Defined Centres, Channels and Gates + BONUS Gene Keys Guide (Helps you to optimise the energies in your design!)
  • Your Not-Self Vulnerabilities + BONUS Questions Guide (Helps you figure out which not-self theme you’ve fallen into)
  • Your Signature and your Not-Self Theme (Your shortcuts to alignment!)
  • Your Incarnation Cross
    (Why you’re here!!!)
  • Your Variables (The arrows at the top of your chart — How you’re designed to thrive)
  • Your Definition (Single/Split/Triple/Quad — How you relate to others and to the world)
  • How the planets align with your energies and the implications for your life:
    Your essence (Who you are at your core)
    What grounds you (Tap into this for healing and recharging)
    Your past and future (What to lean into and what to lean on)
    What motivates you (Tap into your true source of motivation in life)
    What you’re here to share and educate others around (Your topics of Influence!)
    What you value (Truly)
    Your opportunity for growth (This one is fun!)
    How to receive your blessings (Your fast-track to being rewarded by the Universe)
    Your challenge (Awareness + Strategy = Relief)
    Your uniqueness (What stands out about you)
    Your spiritual work (Access your higher self)
    Your truth (Own this and it will set you free)

This is all delivered in a comprehensive written reading clearly laid out in a way that allows you to understand what in your chart is denoting each element.

You get all of this for just $111.00 (seriously…. ).

We’re able to deliver this at such an amazing price point because we’ve figured out a way to guide you in inputting the data yourself, and producing the reading YOURSELF…

You will come away with not only an amazing, in-depth human design reading explaining your human design, but also a greater understanding of how to read a human design chart, as you will have been guided through the process step by step.

Click here to get started now.

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