Human Design Types

Human Design Types

Human Design Types, also known as human design aura types, or human design energy type, refer to how you energetically interact with the world. 

There are four human design types and they are designed to complement and support one-another.

Your type is determined by the centers and channels that are defined within your human design bodygraph. 

Each human design energy type has their own human design strategy that when followed enables them to navigate and interact with the world in the most streamlined harmonious way possible. 

Below we outline in more detail each of the human design aura types.

Manifestor Human Design

The Manifestor bodygraph is defined by an undefined sacral center alongside a channel connecting up their defined throat center with at least one of the other motors within the human design chart (The heart/ego/will center, root center, or emotional solar plexus center).

Manifestors make up only a small percentage of the population (around 10%).  Manifestors are amazing visionaries who have the tools to jump start their visions. They have the enviable ability to decide they want to do something and to go out and make it happen. They are very independent, great initiators and their choices often impact on others. It makes sense that they are a smaller subset of the population as they are here to initiate things whilst the other human design types are here to bring Manifestor visions to reality in various ways. 

human design types

At an auric level, Manifestors have auras that are closed and repelling. This aura protects them and their power. They are not here to be told what to do and to be roped into others plans, they are here to make and initiate their own plans and their aura assists them to do this. Their human design strategy is “to initiate and inform”. What will really help a manifestor to go through life more smoothly is to simply inform others of their intentions. Manifestors do not need to ask for permission but informing others of their intentions helps to remove resistance at the auric level. At an auric level, their energy pushes outwards, and others pick up on this subconsciously and feel resistance to what a manifestor is doing although they may not know why. This can cause others to throw obstacles in the manifestor’s way which just causes issues for everyone involved. By learning to inform others of their intentions before they take action, a Manfiestor can essentially break the subconscious resistance and pave the way for a much smoother interaction. It is to everyone’s benefit that they do this — The other aura types benefit from the Manifestor’s direction – it ties in with their own strategies which require external initiation.

When a Manifestor is operating correctly in the world in terms of their strategy and authority they feel at peace (their signature). When they operate in ways not suited to their energy type they will tend to experience anger (their not-self).

Generator Human Design

Generators are either pure Generators or Manifesting Generators.

You will often see Manifesting Generator defined as its own energy type online and that’s fine but in terms of how the aura types are defined and how they function, Manifesting Generators are officially a subset of the Generator Energy Type. 

The Generator bodygraph is defined by having the sacral center defined. 

Pure Generator: If the sacral center is defined but there is no direct connection ( a channel) between a defined throat center and one of the human design motors (The sacral center, heart/ego/will center, root center, or emotional solar plexus center) then a person is Pure Generator.

Manfesting Generator: If the sacral center is defined and there is no direct connection ( a channel) between a defined throat center and one of the human design motors (The sacral center, heart/ego/will center, root center, or emotional solar plexus center) then a person is Manifesting Generator.

Around 70% of the population are Generators and half of those are pure generators and half manifesting generators. Generators are here to work on things that light them up. When generators are doing what they love, they’re lit up with energy and this energy is what powers the world. The greatest thing a generator can do, both for themselves and for the world is to engage in those things that bring them excitement and joy. When they’re doing what they love, a Generator adds value both by the work they’re doing AND by the energy they’re generating and sharing with those around them. 

Generators have an aura that is open and encompassing. It powerfully draws people, situations, and things into their life. Their strategy is to respond. The other aura types and the world at large provide generators with an endless stream of opportunities to respond to. One of the biggest hurdles/mind traps a generator often needs to overcome is believing they need to live like a Manifestor and go out and “make things happen”. They don’t… and they will become frustrated when they attempt to live like this. The difference between a Pure Generator and a Manifesting Generator is that the direct throat-motor connection that a Manifesting Generator has allows them to manifest things more quickly when they are correct for the Manifesting Generator. The Manifesting Generator must still allow their aura to draw things into their life first which they can then respond to—  if they attempt  to go out and initiate they will meet resistance and frustration. 

When a Generator is operating correctly in the world in terms of their strategy and authority they feel satisfied (their signature). When they operate in ways not suited to their energy type they will tend to experience frustration (their not-self).

Projectors Human Design

The projector aura type in human design is defined by a bodygraph with an undefined sacral and no connection between a defined throat center and a motor center (sacral center, heart/ego/will center, root center, or emotional solar plexus center).

Projectors make up around 21% of the population. They are here to help guide and organise others and they’re also very good at working with systems and frameworks. Projectors have probing auras that pierce deeply into others auras, simultaneously giving them a deep understanding of where others are at whilst also influencing them subconsciously. A projectors strategy is to wait for recognition and an invitation from other people before offering their advice or services. At an auric level, people will know a projector has something to offer and if the timing is right and they want the projectors guidance they will acknowledge that they see the projectors value and invite them  to contribute. Projectors have so much value and wisdom to offer but if they jump in without an invitation their guidance may be misinterpreted or ignored and this can lead to them  feeling bitter.

This strategy of waiting for the invitation applies to the big decisions in life, things like who to enter into a relationship with, what kind of work to do, which company to work for, which house to buy etc Following their strategy and allowing others to approach them is always going to be the most streamlined experience for them but they don’t need to wait for an invitation for the little things like buying a certain food for lunch or choosing a pair of jeans. When it comes to the little things, projectors can just go with what feels right in the moment. The more impactful the decision will be on ones life the more important it is that the projector wait for an invitation to be extended their way.

There are actually 3 different kinds of projectors: 

Mental Projectors Human Design

Mental projectors have no definition below the throat centre. Mental Projectors tend to rely quite heavily on their minds and it’s helpful for them to talk things out with others, not to get advice from them but to allow their own thoughts to rise to the surface and crystalise. Mental Projectos have a lot of undefined and open (white) space in their charts which allows them to experience a multitude of different ways of processing and perceiving the world. Their own limitless experiences become the wisdom which they can share with others. The huge capacity for wisdom within their charts coupled with their probing projector aura make them hugely valuable guides and resources for others. 

Energy Projectors Human Design

Energy Projectors have one or more motor centres defined in their design (Not the sacral center but potentially the solar plexus, root or heart/ego centre). This gives them access to more energy than other projectors and it’s important that they utilise this in doing things they enjoy or specialize in. They need to be extra careful that people invite them to do things because they recognize the projectors special area of expertise or contribution, not just because they need a job done and the projector happens to be available to do it. Like all prpojectors, energy projects  are here to guide and influence others, not to be in the trenches doing the grunt work.

Classic Projectors Human Design

Classic Projector do not have any motor centres defined and also have no definition below the throat centre. As they do not have any motor centres defined in their design, theyre extra discerning about the flavour of energy they take in from other people’s defined motor centres. Essentially this makes them even more perceptive than other projectors, who are already incredibly discerning, at identifying when another person is healthy for them or not and therefore whether any invitations extended their way are appropriate for them, or not.

projectors human design

When a Projector is operating correctly in the world in terms of their strategy and authority they feel succesful (their signature). When they operate in ways not suited to their energy type they will tend to experience bitterness (their not-self).

Reflectors Human Design

The Reflectors Human Design bodygraph is characterised by a total lack of defined centers.

Reflectors are incredibly rare comprising just 1% of the population.  Reflectors amplify and reflect back to the world what is going on around them. They’re here to shine a light, in a totally non-judgemental way on the state of things and to help nudge humanity in more sustainable directions. Because reflectors are so reflective of the people and environment around them, it’s really important for their well-being that they  surround themselves with people and environments that feel good to them. The analogy that’s often used is that they’re like a canary in the coal mine. If they’re doing well, it’s a sign that their community is doing well. If they’re not doing well it shows that their community has things it needs to change. The most important thing a reflector can do is simply to be themselves, truly themselves… and not who they think they should be according to society. When a reflector is able to live genuinely as themselves, they’re fulfilling their  role as a mirror for the world around them.  This is of course easier said than done.

reflectors human design

Reflectors have auras that are both resistant and sampling. Their aura protects them from the energy of others whilst allowing them to sense what is going on below the surface. 

Their human design strategy is “receive an invitation or opportunity and then wait 28 days”.

Reflectors are strongly connected to the lunar cycle, which is the moon’s 28 day cycle, or roughly a months time. When it comes to big decisions in their life, they  need to be initiated. They need to receive an invitation or an opportunity to which then can respond. The way to respond as a reflector, is to wait a full cycle of the moon, the 28 days, and during this time, speak with others, not to get their advice, but to gain clarity as they talk things through. This strategy could be a difficult one to honour in world that wants answers immediately but it is essential if they want to make decisions that are truly correct for them.


When a reflector is operating correctly in the world in terms of their strategy and authority they feel pleasantly surprised (their signature). When they operate in ways not suited to their energy type they will tend to experience disappointment (their not-self).

To summarise,  there are four human design types, each with their own characteristics and ways of operating optimally within the world. Understanding the above is an important first step in learning how to live according to your design. The next step is understanding how to respond correctly according to your human design authority. 

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